Helping The Qube launch into a new market with strategic PPC management

As a supplier of modular buildings to both the commercial and domestic markets, The Qube wanted to focus on a new niche. They needed a marketing strategy to help them grow and reach qualified new leads in the competitive education market.


The Qube


Paid Search Ads, Web Design




Project Brief

The Qube saw an opportunity within the education sector to increase their sales. They wanted a focused campaign that targeted school head teachers in the market for a modular building.

They were looking for a way to be visible to the right audience of decision makers in the education sector. Our task was to find a way to speak to this audience, capture their attention and guide them towards contacting our client in a targeted, cost-effective way. For this, we decided that Paid Ads were the most effective option.

  • Expansion into a new niche
  • A hyper-targeted goal customer
  • Competitive education market
  • Cost-effective strategy
  • Goal of generating enquiries

The Challenge

The Qube were starting from scratch, with no historical data to work with. The competition is high and the target market was very narrow, with 20 competitors fighting for the attention of a limited pool of potential customers during a defined September-July season. We needed to set our client apart in an already saturated market and maintain a strict structure to keep costs manageable.

Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.

The Solution

With such a niche market, our PPC experts knew that the best results would come from answering direct queries from qualified customers. We chose Google Search Ads and, once this proved to be a successful method, expanded into Bing Search after 3 months. We knew that Bing would resonate with our target market, and together the two could capture the majority of searchers. In order to ensure qualify searchers, we focused on a strategy of both long tail and head terms, enabling us to bid on keywords that showed intent. To further maximise the opportunities from Search Ads, we directed our ads to a dedicated landing page. To monitor the results, we then implemented dynamic call tracking to ensure that we could attribute every lead. We supported our client with a lead tracking document to follow leads through to sale.

  • A combination of Google and Bing search Ads
  • Implementation of long tail and head terms
  • Dedicated PPC landing page
  • Dynamic call tracking
  • Ongoing monitoring and attribution

Choosing Search Ads

Using Search Ads allowed the Zinc team to target an audience with precision. With a focus on enquiries, we were able to choose keywords that found searchers that were at the buying stage of their customer journey.

A tailor-made landing page

For The Qube, we designed and launched a landing page that offered tailored content, directly addressing educational needs. This offers another level of targeting, speaking only to the niche and turning away leads that don’t fit the target market. By using a dedicated PPC landing page, you’re providing a user with a clear answer to a direct query. Supplying an answer quickly and providing an easy solution ensures your conversion rates will be higher than your competitors. The Zinc Creative team work with guidance from the Marketing department to ensure a page designed specifically to convert.

Dynamic call tracking implementation

With such a targeted market, we needed to know exactly what channels were working for The Qube. We implemented dynamic call tracking to enable us to attribute phone calls generated from paid advertising. From this, we learned that phone calls were a preferred method of enquiry for The Qube’s target market.

The Results

In the first year of services for The Qube, the company quoted £7.2million of new business as a direct result of Google and Bing PPC advertising. Especially within such a competitive, niche market, Zinc were delighted to see the business grow to this degree. Due to the account structure and ongoing monitoring, Zinc were able to maintain a low cost per lead, ensuring a high return on investment for The Qube. As a result, within the first three months the business chose to up the spend to drive further leads to their site. They continued to see an excellent conversion rate alongside a low cost per lead.


below targeted Cost Per Lead

£7.2 million

of anticipated revenue


conversion rate

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