It's time to upgrade to Google Analytics 4

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See the whole picture

Google Analytics 4 comes with the ability to see your customer journey, no matter how they found you. It can automatically track users across platforms, between websites and apps, and focuses on the key events.

What does this mean for you? It means that your dashboards and reporting can show you every step, from first click to conversion. It’s about empowering marketers and business owners with an understanding of their acquisition, engagement, conversion and retention data, all in one.

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A deeper insight

With Google Analytics 4, you’ll have the power to look into the future using their brand new predictive metrics. Using machine learning, the platform can identify users that are likely to convert, or likely to not return. It’s even able to predict the revenue from the purchases in the upcoming days, from the recent users.

With this data in your pocket, you’ll be able to make decisions that aren’t just reactive; they’re predictive. Update pages that aren’t working, add promotions to products that are gaining traction, or move a conversion location before the impact is truly felt.

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Better Managed Data

With privacy at the forefront of the public mind, the data changes that have been made by Google are timely. The way that Universal Analytics collects data is via a cookies, which is no longer a reliable way to track data.

With cookieless measurement, we can protect user privacy whilst gathering the customer journey information we need. There’s less danger of data loss from unaccepted cookies, and fewer concerns with the sensitive data that could be collected.

We think you could benefit from a set up
and GA4 migration!

It’s time to take action, prevent data loss, and gain an unrivalled insight into your website.


You’re in good company

Just a few of the great companies our team work with


ROI from CRO tools on average


longer average sessions experienced on sites that load in five seconds compared to those that load in 19 seconds


of websites online are not using Google analytics


of businesses say generating traffic and leads is their biggest marketing challenge

It’s time to move
to Google Analytics 4!

All it takes to get started is a quick call with one of our qualified marketers, completely free of charge.


How Zinc Can Help

Set Up

A basic setup, if you need a new installation of Analytics 4 and have no requirement to move historical data. Zinc will install GA4 and provide you with a user training session by video or phone. It’s a one-off investment, no monthly charge. One bespoke reporting dashboard included.


In addition to the required setups, we will audit your existing Universal Analytics and Tag Manager accounts, then migrate your old data. Our team will then implement page view and event tracking. We include one bespoke reporting dashboard, which does not include eCommerce.


Created for if you need to expand our Migration service and want a customised GA4 configuration. The Develop plan is delivered following a consultation with our qualified in-house team. It includes a consultation on Tag Manager and other Google products. Ideal for business that advertise or invest in many services, for example SEO and paid media. It’s a one-off investment, no monthly charge.


Zinc provides 1-to-1 bespoke online training to help grow your understanding and knowledge of using GA4 through accessing our experienced in-house team. Ask Zinc to provide an overview of your GA4 account or specific Ask Me Anything (AMA) led training starting from a one-hour session that is delivered through a Google video meeting, and recorded to enable you to refer back at a later time.

How to get your free GA4 review

Zinc approaches each Google Analytics 4 Migration as an individual, discussing your needs on our free consultation and reviewing the current Universal Analytics setups to ensure that we’re able to recommend a migration plan that covers every base.

We’ll need to know some basic details about your organisation or business. We’ll need around 15-30 minutes of your time to answer some initial questions. Following this, we’ll be able to provide a migration plan and schedule.

Then, we’ll migrate your data over, set up new tracking and goals, as well as supporting you with training to make sure you have everything you need to make the most of a brand new resource.

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