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Is your business ready for the video revolution?

Video Marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of online content, and for good reason. It’s engaging, personal, and can drive traffic and sales to your business in droves. Facebook Business predicts that by 2021, 78% of all mobile traffic will be video. Make sure that your business isn’t left behind when the world goes video.

A Captive Audience

Your audience is more than just a demographic. With the power of video advertising, it’s possible to find audiences based on their interests, the channels they watch, or even a specific video your service is related to. Zinc’s Video Marketing experts can not only bring you the audiences you want, but the audiences you never realized you could reach.

All About Youtube

On the internet, the word video is synonymous with YouTube. Advertising here is a direct line to one of the busiest and most active communities on the internet. It’s the perfect place to communicate with all demographics and interests. You’re able to show advertising before or during other videos, making sure there’s no doubt you’ll be seen.

A Social Network

Social Media is the biggest influencer on a modern audience. Most people visit Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram on a daily basis, so it makes perfect sense to advertise in a place that they’re ready to engage with. Depending on your audience, we’ll help you find the channel and the targeting you need to so you always get the results you need.

Content Creation

Powerful campaigns need powerful content to truly succeed. Our connection with The Video Marketing Team has helped us provide incredible content for our clients. They create dynamic, impactful content with the heart to reach your customer base no matter where they are.


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